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Gear Guide | Best Fishing Bags for Your Fishing Gear

Part of the fun of fishing is selecting the right gear for the job. The gear you collect across the years becomes where and how you can go further in the future. Take care of that gear across all of your journeys by investing in the right bag to get your gear there safely. There are infinite setups and solutions to the problem of transporting gear from one adventure to the next. In this article, we’ve compiled the best gear for the job and will dive into the specific features, details, and points that will guide you toward what’s best. This article is purely informational and is not an ad or paid endorsement for any particular gear bag or product.

This article covers:

  • Starting Your Adventure
  • Suitcases
  • Duffel Bags
  • One Stop Shops
  • Picking the Right Fishing Bag for Trip Length
  • Book Your Next Adventure
  • Fishing Bags FAQ

Starting Your Adventure

Start by asking yourself how long your adventure will be and determine how much gear and which pieces are best suited for the duration of your trip — and future trips. If you already have bags or suitcases to transport your fishing gear, ask yourself what’s missing or what would make your life easier when traveling.

Once you have an idea of what gear your fishing trip requires, set a budget. Depending on how many fishing trips you see in your future, the quality of the transport gear you invest in should vary accordingly. 


A suitcase is the standard in travel. Bulk size means more you can take with you, and the hard exterior ensures your gear comes out the way you put it in. There are countless great suitcases to choose from. We have looked into a variety of brands, taking into consideration the specific needs of the angler. These suitcases come in a variety of sizes, so if you see one you like, but it’s not the size you’re looking for, make sure to go on the website and check for your specific parameters.

Orvis - Trekkage™ LT Adventure 40L Checked Roller Bag

Price: $329

Capable of fitting a 9' 4-piece fly rod tube, this lightweight bag is water repellent, made of recycled materials, and has easy to replace parts, should they ever break down. The smaller size makes it an ideal carry-on, but they also offer an 80L version for $399.

Simms - GTS Roller - 110L

Price: $399.95

At the same price as Orvis’s 80L suitcase with 30 more liters, Simms GTS Roller 110L seems the best bulk for your buck. Reinforced handles, zippers, and waterproof fabric ensure this suitcase will last. Great for a longer or more gear-intensive fishing expedition, Simms GTS Roller 110L is a great checked bag option to bring everything but your house with you.

Yeti - Crossroads® 22” Luggage

Price: $350

A comparable size to the Orvis 40L Bag, Yeti’s Crossroads® 22” Luggage is another excellent carry-on option. It’s resistant to both water and abrasions due to its nylon exterior and comes with rugged wheels to go with you anywhere. Organization is the focus of this suitcase, as it comes with more pockets, pouches, and an additional packing cube when compared with the Orvis.

Duffel Bags

Another great alternative to the suitcase is the duffel bag. What you sacrifice in the sturdy casing and ability to wheel around, you more than make up for with mobility. You can leave the suitcase at the hotel and bring the duffel bag with you wherever you go. 

Simms - G3 Guide Z Duffel Bag

Price: $299.95

With a carrying capacity of 60L, the Simms G3 Guide Z Duffel Bag is a compact, waterproof, and efficient way to take gear on the go. Capable of being worn as a backpack, this piece of luggage makes for an excellent travel companion for those intensive fishing trips that necessitate more gear on hand. 

Simms - Dry Creek Duffel L - 200L

Price: $299.95

Perhaps the most liters for your hard-earned dollar, Simms Dry Creek Duffel L - 200 L is a less organized, more portable suitcase. It doesn’t have all the compartments of a suitcase, or the same durable shell, but if you’re the type of person who prefers to cram rather than pack, this might be the perfect option for you. 

Yeti - Panga® 50L Waterproof Duffel

Price: $300.00

Coming in at slightly smaller than the Simms G3 Guide Z Duffel Bag, Yeti’s Panga® is built with thicker skin and also comes in two larger varieties: 75L and 100L. It comes with interior pockets to help keep things organized and has a sturdier build than the Simms G3. 

Patagonia - Black Hole® Duffel Bag 55L

Price: $169

This bag has the best price point while still checking all the boxes: waterproof, recycled materials, ripstop fabric, and able to be worn as a backpack. While this may not be the right bag to bring all your gear in, it’s perfect for taking all you might need on a day trip. 

One Stop Shops

Rods, reels, tackle, lures, rigs, all in one convenient place. This style of bag is specially designed for the angler. It comes with compartments built out for your rod case, for reels, for tackle boxes, and whatever else your fishing trip might demand. Organization at its finest, these bags deliver precise compartments designed to keep your gear safe and to give it a designated place. 

Orvis - Carry-It-All

Price: $229

With medium or large sizing, the Carry-It-All can accommodate a  9' 4-piece rod or an 11' 4-piece rod respectively. This bag proudly totes a near two decades of proven success, with all the care given to the compartment system being a clear reason why. 

Snowbee - XS Travel Bag

Price: $235.53 (£190.00)

The XS Travel Bag claims to be perfect for a two-week fishing trip and is capable of fitting rods up 10' 4-Piece or 16' 6-Piece Salmon rods. It has room enough for not just your fishing gear, but excess clothing and boots. With separate compartments to keep clean and dirty gear separate, Snowbee has thought of everything an angler might want out of a bag. 

Patagonia - Black Hole® Rod Case

Price: $239

Made to fit four-piece rods up to 11', the Black Hole® is another great all-in-one bag that’s made to house each piece of fishing gear you might need. With a double laminated layering, this bag boasts the most durability.

Picking the Right Fishing Bag for Trip Length

Whether it's for half-day fishing trips, one to two-day fishing trips, three-day fishing trips, or even a week, picking the right fishing bag will serve you across all your fishing expeditions. For half-day fishing trips, consider smaller and less expensive options like Patagonia’s Black Hole. For one to two-day fishing trips and up to three-day fishing trips, try the Orvis Carry-It-All for a fair-priced and comprehensive travel companion. For those longer trips, the right fishing bag for the job would be any of the suitcase options, with longer trips requiring more bag space for any additional or specific gear. 

Book Your Next Adventure

Now that you’ve got the right gear, you’re ready to go anywhere. Look on AnyCreek’s website for premier fishing destinations across the country, and for an unforgettable adventure, book with one of our expert guides today. They’ll have years of wisdom to guide your experience towards success, and may even have fishing bag recommendations themselves. Don’t hesitate to reach out before your trip using AnyCreek’s messaging feature

Fishing Bags FAQ

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