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How to Book a Fishing Trip for a Large Group

If you’re looking to book a guided fishing trip for a large group of people, you’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of experienced guides across the country, AnyCreek specializes in connecting you directly to the perfect guide for your group outing. In this article, we’ll navigate through AnyCreek to give you a step by step demonstration on how to find and book a guided fishing trip.

A group of outdoor industry professionals gather to fly fish for striped bass on the beaches of Cape Cod. Courtesy of Cheeky Fishing.

A group of outdoor industry professionals gather to fly fish for striped bass on the beaches of Cape Cod. Courtesy of Cheeky Fishing.

This article covers:

  • Group Fishing Trips for Any Occasion
  • Finding Group Trips on AnyCreek
  • Planning with Your Guide
  • Ask AnyCreek
  • Group Fishing Trip FAQ

Group Fishing Trips for Any Occasion

Perfect for any number of occasions, large group fishing trips provide lasting memories, amongst friends, coworkers, and family members. Get the whole crew involved and enjoy fishing together as your guide helps to make your adventure as exciting, successful, and safe as possible. Our expert fishing and hunting guides have learned from years of guiding to cater to your group’s needs — whatever the occasion, experience level, or size. Celebrate the big day by bringing the bachelor party out to sea, or book an experience to transform your business into a tight-knit family. Follow these next steps with us as we run you through how to get your squad on its next great adventure.

Finding Group Trips on AnyCreek

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The first step starts from home. Once you’ve reached AnyCreek’s website homepage, you’ll encounter a search bar with a variety of suggested options below to start pairing you with the right guide. 

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From here, click on the filter button in the search bar. In this example, we’ve set the group size to 10 people and adjusted the Rating slider below to 5 stars. With this done, all search results will show you guides that specialize in groups of your size and that come highly rated. Now you can type in the search bar destinations, fish species, or any specific styles to focus on such as fly fishing or offshore fishing.

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After searching for “fly fishing” and selecting both the 10 people and 5 stars options, AnyCreek provides me with a list of experienced guides to choose from. Simply click on their profile to see what trips they offer. Once you’ve clicked on a guide’s profile, the view will expand to display their general info, background, and all the guided trip types they offer. 

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Click on “Check availability” beneath a trip to select specific dates for your trip, and to book with the guide. 

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The guide will have any and all relevant information about the trip — what species you’ll be targeting, what they’ll have ready for you, and what they recommend for you to bring. Here you can select the dates, your group size, and choose the ideal time for your guided experience. Click “Request to book” to be taken to the booking terminal where you’ll be able to get in touch with your guide to confirm your trip and finalize your payment. 

Planning with Your Guide

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Once you’ve chosen your guided experience, you’ll be able to connect with your guide directly. Tell them as much about yourself and your group as possible, and let them know what you’re looking to get out of the experience. These guides are experts at accommodating large groups and making each experience out on the water a success. 

Ask AnyCreek

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Any questions on large group trips, or looking for suggestions on the best guided adventures for large groups? Feel free to reach out through the “Contact” section — featured as one of the three main sections at the top of our site. One of our AnyCreek team members is on the other side ready to answer any and all of your questions. Our AnyCreek team lives and breathes all things outdoors and guided experiences, and will gladly help steer you in the right direction for that next group trip of a lifetime.

Group Fishing Trip FAQ

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