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How to Tie the Improved Homer Rhode Loop

Whether you’re floating your local tailwater for trophy trout or scouring white sand flats for cruising tarpon, you can use this loop knot for giving your big streamers some added action without compromising on knot security. The Improved Homer Rhode Loop Knot is comprised of two smaller knots which tighten against one another as pressure is applied to the line. This makes the knot incredibly strong and reliable when fighting larger gamefish. With some practice, you’ll find yourself speeding through this one in no time. Here’s how we like to tie this knot in 8 simple steps.

Knot Tying Instructions

Step 1 - Tie a simple overhand knot near the end of your leader.

Step 2 - Thread the tag end of your leader through the eye of your hook.

Step 3 - Pass the tag end back through your overhand knot, following the initial path of your line.

Step 4 - Cinch your loop down to a small size near the hook eye and hold in place between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 5 - Loop your tag end back towards the eye of the hook, forming a small loop on top of your running line.

Step 6 - Pass your tag end over the running line and through this new loop twice.

Step 7 - Gently pull your tag end to cinch your top loop down, before lubricating your leader and pulling on the hook and running line to tighten.

Step 8 - Snip your tag end off close.

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Fishing Loop Knot FAQ

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