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How to Tie the Perfection Loop

If you’ve ever damaged the end of your fly line or had to build a new leader while out on the water, you may already know the versatility of the Perfection Loop. This loop knot is simple, strong, and very quick to complete with just a little practice. Here’s how we like to do it in 5 easy steps.

Knot Tying Instructions

Step 1 - Loop your tag end under your running line and pinch between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 2 - Make a second loop over your thumb.

Step 3 - Place the tag end between your 2 loops.

Step 4 - Using your fingers or pliers, pass the second loop through the first loop, while gently pulling on your running line to tighten.

Step 5 - Cinch down tight using the bend of a hook or pliers, while being careful not to nick the line with any sharp edges.

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Fishing Loop Knot FAQ

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