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Why We Built Inbox: More Efficiently Connect with Your Guide

Here at AnyCreek, we’re hellbent on streamlining and improving our product — and the overall process of searching for and securing a guided experience. We saw that guides’ greatest strengths — understanding the outdoors through consistent time afield — also present a major weakness when it comes to efficiently running a business. Booking trips can’t happen when guides are beyond the reach of cell service, but that’s exactly where they need to be to take you on your next great adventure. When they’re not outdoors scouting out your world-class experience, they’ve got to prepare for the next trip — and that’s far easier said than done. With all the hard work guides put into making your trips memorable, we here at AnyCreek thought we’d lighten their load to help get your next adventure underway as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Trout fishing the Bitterroot River on a float trip with Latitudes Outfitting Co. Courtesy of Latitudes Outfitting Co.

Trout fishing the Bitterroot River on a float trip with Latitudes Outfitting Co. Courtesy of Latitudes Outfitting Co.

This article covers:

  • Messaging Guides in the Past
  • Messaging Guides with AnyCreek
  • AnyCreek Inbox FAQ

Messaging Guides in the Past

Go to many guide’s website and you’ll get a blast from the past. There might be a number to contact or form to fill out — along with some choice photos of some trophy catches — but they force you to put the ball in their court. And when it’s their turn to respond, there’s no telling when — or if — you’ll get a response. You didn’t seek out a guided experience to wait in uncertainty, you wanted to get outdoors. Sometimes you’re already traveling, looking to squeeze an unforgettable fishing or hunting trip into your vacation. The last thing you want is to have to fire off a bunch of form fill emails into the abyss. It’s an all too real experience, and an experience that one of our founders — Benjamin Lazarov — wanted to put an end to for good. 

The way things have worked in the past, a guide gets an email, text, or call from a number they’ve never seen before and you just have to hope the stars align: that they pick up the phone, see the text, or remember to respond to your message after all they’ve been through in a day. Both guides and adventure seekers deserve better.

Messaging Guides with AnyCreek

Say hello to AnyCreek’s Inbox — everything all in one organized place to ensure you don’t waste any time getting outdoors. Not only can you reach out to guides before booking your trip, but you don’t just show up as a random number — there’s a profile you and they can see, and AnyCreek is the support system behind it you can trust. 


Guides can see your profile, learn about your prior experience, and reach out to you faster than any other system. Guides can easily communicate the details of upcoming trips, and you’re certain that you’ll get the quickest responses because the system keeps things organized for both parties. It’s a big upgrade from shorthand information scrawled in on a dogeared book in the back of a fly shop. Test it yourself when you book your next trip with us, and see the peace of mind that comes from complete transparency during the booking process.  

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AnyCreek Inbox FAQ

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