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The Texas coast contains a diverse marine habitat that provides a home for some of the most sought-after species on any angler's list. Rockport's coastline is peppered with abundant bays, estuaries, and inlets with direct access to rich sea life. 

In-shore fishing can provide many catches like redfish, snapper, and speckled sea trout. Offshore fishing can yield larger catches like king mackerel, cobia, and several types of grouper. Rockport also offers adventurers to kayak fish, fly fish, and duck hunt in the surrounding area.

Check out our fishing guides in Rockport, Texas above. They might agree that everything is bigger in Texas, even the fish!

In-shore Fishing Near Rockport

Abundant in-shore fishing can be found in the many flats and bays around Rockport. For those interested in flats or in-shore fishing, AnyCreek provides excellent guides to take you on your personal fishing adventure. While fishing inshore, you can expect to target redfish (red drum), speckled sea trout, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, tarpon, and snapper (to name a few).

Offshore Fishing Near Rockport

Given Rockport's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, rich offshore fishing can be found just off of the coastline. Our of Port Aransas and into the Gulf is where you'll fish some of the largest game in Texas. Expect to target sailfish, crevalle jack, mahi mahi, cobia, and more. For those interested in deep sea fishing, AnyCreek provides excellent guides to take you out on the open sea to scour for larger catches.

Rockport Offshore Fish Species

Mahi mahi

Also known as dolphin (due to its acrobatic nature when hooked), the distinct blue and green body and fight of this massive fish makes this a target for many anglers. Rockport's coast provides great fishing for mahi mahi.

Red snapper

Most active in the summer, these sought-after fish are some of the best to target here due to Rockport and Port Aransas's bottom structure off of the coastline. 


Known for their strength and ability to fight, Rockport waters are ideal for cobia fishing. Large cobia reside offshore, whereas smaller cobia live in the inlets and bays of the central Texas coastline. 

What To Do Shoreside

Anglers and adventurers alike can choose from many activities after your fishing fix. Enjoy the beach, grab a kayak, or hike in the area. Explore the local boutiques, visit art galleries in Rockport's downtown, experience the famous and historic Fulton Mansion, or stop by the Rockport Center for the Arts — which showcases local artwork and hosts rotating exhibits. 

Don't forget to make some time to enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas coast and visit Mustang Island State Park, Padre Island National Seashore, or Goose Island State Park. These public areas offer opportunities for hiking, birding, camping, and enjoying the central coastline.

Planning Your Rockport Fishing Trip

When planning a fishing trip to Rockport, start by determining the best time for you based on weather, water conditions, and fish migration to target your desired species effectively. Charter one of our licensed captains with expert knowledge of the Rockport area. Pack suitable clothing for the weather, and don't forget essentials like sun protection, polarized sunglasses, and rain gear. Don't worry about bringing tackle, your guide will have the gear prepped and ready for you!

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