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Private trip guided by Rodrigo

Untamed Angling 20-29 years of experience


The Pluma River
The Pluma River is a crystal-clear freestone river, with incredibly rich and beautiful topography. It runs from south to north, parallel to the Mosetenes Mountain Range, and is therefore slightly broader and more open than some of the other rivers we fish at Tsimane. The Pluma is easier to wade due to its wide banks, mostly composed of round smooth gravel and rock. Further upstream, it does get steeper and more rugged. This river is home to all four of the main species we target at Tsimane: dorado, pacú, yatorana, and surubí.

Pluma River – Upper Section
This section is upstream from the confluence of the Pluma and Itirizama Rivers. It’s reminiscent of many familiar trout freestone rivers, full of boulders, shallow runs and riffles, and well-defined deep pools, all characterized by gin-clear water. Here, the fishing is done almost entirely on foot, walking and wading upstream. A Chiman canoe is used to carry additional gear and coolers, and is very useful to row or pole back down to the lodge at the end of the day. This section is home to a large number of resident dorado, holding in most of the pools and pocket water. .

Pluma River– Lower Section
This section of river extends from the confluence with the Itirizama River to its mouth in the Sécure River. Here, the structure is similar to the upper section, but the water volume is 50 or 60% higher, making for wider, deeper pools and more powerful runs. With more water to work in, the fish have more room to fight and aerial acrobatics are commonplace events whenever a large dorado is hooked. The jungle is less dense, and the shorelines can at times be marshy.

The Lower Pluma section features a wide variety of water types. There are steep drop offs, long runs, sand-covered flats, islands with braided channels, and deep pools. Dorado are theundisputed king in this section; however, very large pacú can be caught fishing the deep pools, which are natural food traps.
These fish are often seen slurping nuts and fruit from the river’s surface. The biggest pools, which are near the confluence with the Sécure River, have low sandy areas where one can sight cast to cruising and feeding dorado, similar to bonefishing on the shallow saltwater flats.

The Irisama River
The Itirisama is considered by many anglers to be the “crown jewel” of the Tsimane waters. Similar in size and volume to the high section of the Pluma River, it has a steeper gradient and more rugged terrain, giving it a very different look and feel. The Itirizama runs from west to east through rugged canyons, making it a typical mountain stream with many runs, rapids, waterfalls, and large boulders. Cascading boulder gardens give way to deep pools flanked by exposed canyon walls. This is the most physically intense section of river to hike, wade, and fish, but the rewards of incredibly scenic beauty—and some of the largest dorado—make it worth the extra effort.

Pluma is a very comfortable jungle lodge, built entirely from sustainable wood cut from the nearby jungle.

The lodge features 5 double rooms up to 8 anglers + 1 host.

Guests enjoy double rooms with private bathrooms, spring box beds, hot water, and electricity

Free Wi-Fi, Free Laundry, Fly shop

International cuisine paired with stellar Argentinean, Chilean, and Bolivian wines in a finely-fashioned living and dining room

All-inclusive bar: liquor, spirits and special drinks

What's included

  • Rod / Reel
  • Tackle / Flies
  • Cold Storage
  • Dry Storage
  • Water
  • Lunch / Snacks

What to bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Polarized Sunglasses
  • Quick-Dry / Sun-protective Clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Camera


  • Bolivia

Exact meeting location will be discussed after booking.

Guided by Untamed Angling

Brazil20-29 years of experience

Untamed Angling was founded in 2001 by Marcelo Pérez.

The first company’s project was La Zona, the famous giant dorado tail water fishery in Argentina. An unpublished project was born in La Zona, which would perfect itself into future destinations of Untamed.

It was a completely new model in the market, which combined catch & release fly fishing in exclusive areas, with a significant social benefit to local populations and the preservation of natural environment.

This model project allowed Untamed to explore the best areas for sport fishing and develop there international destinations even if they were natural reserves, national parks, or Indian territories.

As these areas were generally found in remote locations with very hard access, Untamed also developed a singular capacity to design logistics of high complexity, and provide at the same time a first class guest’s service.

With the same project model, Untamed developed venues of great repercussion in the international market, such as Far End Rivers (Argentina), Desroches Island Fly Fishing Adventures (Seychelles), Tsimane (Bolivia), Kooi Noom (Argentina), Marié (Brazil), and more recently Kendjam and Pirarucú (Brazil).

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