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A Guide to the Best Fly Shops in South Florida

Are you planning a fly fishing trip in South Florida and in need of high-quality fly fishing gear, fly tying supplies, or knowledgeable fishermen who can help you learn the area? Look no further! In this article we’ve compiled a list of the best fly shops in South Florida that can cater to the needs of all anglers, no matter how experienced. From a vast selection of flies to top-notch equipment and expert advice, these fly shops are your ideal destinations for a successful and enjoyable fly fishing experience.

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The Angling Company

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with The Angling Company.

The Angling Company is perhaps our favorite fly shop in South Florida. Located in Key West, The Angling Company is an exceptional resource for fishermen visiting Key West or the Lower Keys — where anglers travel from far and wide to take advantage of the area’s outstanding flats fishing for tarpon, bonefish, permit, snook and other inshore gamefish species. The folks at The Angling Company can offer top-tier gear and expert advice, regardless of your skill level and what your fishing plans are.  

Services: The Angling Company is always on the cutting edge of fly fishing in the Florida Keys — with the newest, hottest flies, state of the art equipment, up to date fishing reports for local areas, guided fishing trips and a large selection of tackle and gear for fly fishing.

Perks: There are affordable fly casting lessons for new anglers looking to get into the sport.

Seven Mile Fly Shop

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with Seven Mile Fly Shop.

Located in Marathon, Florida, Seven Mile Fly Shop is your best location for all things fly fishing in the Marathon Key area. With an all-inclusive selection of supplies and professional guided services, it fosters a lively angling community thriving on expert knowledge and unforgettable fishing experiences. If you love fly fishing and find yourself in Marathon, you won’t regret paying a visit to Seven Mile Fly Shop for a slice of local fly fishing culture and excellent service. 

Services: Seven Mile Fly Shop is a full service fly shop carrying a wide array of rods, reels, flies, apparel, and anything you may need for fishing in the Florida Keys.  

Perks: At Seven Mile Fly Shop, the staff will set aside fly tying material based on the flies you want to tie. If you’re in the area, you can always come in to feel and test the material for yourself before adding it to your tying desk. Along with a fully-stocked fly tying section, Seven Mile Fly Shop has professional staff ready to answer any questions you may have about the area or fishing in general. Seven Mile Fly Shop also works with a roster of exceptional, local Florida Keys fishing guides, and the shop staff is happy to help connect you with one of the area’s top guides.

239 Flies

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with Seven Mile Fly Shop.

239 Flies is an amazing one stop shop for all things fly fishing in the Naples area. The shop sits in Bonita Springs — a southwest Florida fishing mecca — and offers anglers a unique opportunity to explore its diverse fishing waters. At 239 Flies, you can find local fishing guides to target a variety of different species in the area.  

Services: 239 Flies specializes in saltwater and freshwater fly fishing, offering anglers all types of resources to find what they need. 239 Flies gives the option to set up custom reels that will fit your needs and desires, along with top-of-the-line fly fishing gear. 

Perks: Fly tying and fly casting sessions offered at the store. At 239 Flies people have the opportunity to learn about the sport with fly tying and fly casting lessons offered on site. They also host weekly fly tying nights which are an awesome way to meet the local community and spend a fun evening talking fishing.

Ole Florida Fly Shop

Book a Guided Trip with Ole Florida Fly Shop.

Ole Florida Fly Shop — located in Boca Raton, Florida — is an ideal place to suit up for a trip in the area’s beautiful local waters. Boca Raton is a wildly popular fishing spot for many of Florida’s inshore and offshore game fish. Because of this, Ole Florida fly shop provides guided fishing trips with professional guides in the local area, offering a multitude of different trips in a variety of ecosystems.

Services: Ole Florida has a vast selection of high quality flies, rods, reels and accessories. Ole Florida Fly Shop boasts a list of trusty guides for Florida fishing charters in the local area and other locations — such as the Everglades, Biscayne Bay, Palm Beach and more.

Perks: This shop also specializes in creating meticulously crafted custom fly boxes, tailored for the specific needs for exotic areas such as Cuba, Mexico, Belize and Bahamas. 

Sanibel Fly Outfitters

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with Sanibel Fly Outfitters.

Sanibel Fly Outfitters is the sister store of the renowned Whitney’s Bait and Tackle — a favorite spot of conventional gear anglers visiting the islands of Captiva and Sanibel. Sanibel Fly Outfitters caters to the amazing inshore fisheries of the surrounding area, and is the ideal location for any fly fishermen — veteran or rookie — to prepare for a trip with the assistance of expert staff.  

Services: Sanibel Fly Outfitters exclusively services fly fishing equipment and gear, the perfect place for fly anglers to have any of their questions on the local fishery answered. The store offers guided fishing trips, rod & reel repair, custom fishing rods, fishing reports, local tide charts, weather reports, and local fishing spots. Sanibel Fly Outfitters offers over 20 premium brands of fly rods and reels, and over 300 fly patterns in store.  

Perks: Sanibel Fly Outfitters also offers free casting lessons for new anglers looking to hone their skills and grow their knowledge of the sport. Along with numerous services, Sanibel Fly Outfitters is managed by staff who are experts in fly fishing. 

The Saltwater Angler 

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with The Saltwater Angler.

The Saltwater Angler is located in Key West, Florida and one of our favorite options for fly shops in Key West. The shop is outfitted with top of the line gear and staff that specializes in saltwater fly fishing, conventional fishing and spin fishing. 

Services: The Saltwater Angler carries rods, reels and flies from top fishing gear brands, along with friendly and experienced staff to help with anything you may need. This shop is an ideal choice for anglers seeking expertise in saltwater fly fishing, offering fishermen a good experience in handling the challenges they may encounter on the water.

Perks: Saltwater Angler also provides up to date fishing reports, as well as charters offering opportunities at over 9 different species of fish on fly. They are also conveniently located adjacent to the cruise ship dock in town if you are visiting by boat and want a taste of local angling culture.

Stuart Angler Bait, Tackle & Fly Fishing Gear

Stuart Angler Bait, Tackle & Fly Fishing Gear is located in Stuart, Florida, an immensely popular fishing shop. The region is home to healthy populations of snook, tarpon, spanish mackerel, and jack crevalle depending on the time of year — along with a host of other species. Stuart Angler Bait, Tackle & Fly Fishing Gear works with a local guide, Capt. Giles Murphy, who provides private charters for fly fishing around Stuart, Florida.  

Services: At Stuart Angler Bait, Tackle and Fly Fishing Gear; they offer a variety of services for experienced and rookie anglers alike. They have fishing seminars, children's fishing camps and fishing reports of the area. 

Perks: Along with excellent services, Stuart Angler carries top of the line rods, reels, fly tying material and fly tackle. If you are itching to get on the water, this location is only 1 mile away from Sandsprit Park — a popular local fishing spot.   

Florida Keys Outfitters

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with Florida Keys Outfitters.

Islamorada, Florida — the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World” — is home to a number of great fly shops. Florida Keys Outfitters is an Orvis Endorsed outfitter that offers fly fishing gear and guided fishing charters around the Florida Keys. The folks there can help you find the right captain and book the fishing charter of a lifetime. With a variety of different sport fishing species in the local ecosystem, there is always something unique to see.    

Services: Florida Keys Outfitters provides anglers with an array of flies all appropriate for local species. If you are an avid fly tyer, this store provides you with all the tools necessary to tie flies successfully. 

Perks: Florida Keys Outfitters hosts a fly fishing school for those looking to learn in a friendly and low-pressure environment. Here, you can learn from some of the top anglers in the local fishing community, including shop owner Sandy Moret. Sandy has been throwing flies in the Keys for more than 40 years and has fished and explored throughout the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Central America, and the Seychelles. 

Mangrove Outfitters

Book a Guided Fishing Trip with Mangrove Outfitters.

With a legacy spanning 30 years, Mangrove Outfitters in Naples, Florida has established itself as a trusty fishing shop with an unbelievable wealth of local knowledge, top-quality gear, and a sense of community that keeps customers returning season after season.  

Services: Mangrove Outfitters is another top resource for gear, tackle, and information for your next South Florida fishing trip. 

Perks: Mangrove Outfitters offers options for guided trips with local expert captains. The shop is also quite dedicated to conservation and water quality in the surrounding area, and can offer great insights on how to get involved.

Florida Keys Fly Shop

Florida Keys Fly Shop is located in Tavernier, Florida. Tavernier offers fantastic fishing opportunities due to its proximity to the diverse marine ecosystem of the surrounding Florida Keys region. Anglers can target a multitude of species such as bonefish, tarpon, snapper, snook, redfish and a variety of different reef species. 

Services: Florida Keys Fly Shop partners with top brands in the fishing industry to provide you with the best available gear for your next fishing trip.

Perks: Florida Keys Fly Shop also offers next day delivery for South Florida and the Upper Keys for rod and reel orders, if you need to restock quickly.

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 All the shops on our list of the 10 best Fly Shops in South Florida offer remarkable quality in gear, customer service, and fishing expertise. These shops can cater to all fly anglers, no matter their skill level, for a successful fly fishing trip. We hope this will help you find all the gear and knowledge you need to ensure an enjoyable and successful fly fishing trip during your next visit to South Florida.

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