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Fishing in Key Largo, Florida

As the longest island and most northern archipelago in the Florida Keys, Key Largo provides access to premier fishing — perfect for anglers of all skill levels. Surrounded by Everglades National Park to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Key Largo sits at the intersection of Florida’s greatest fisheries. The convergence of warm Caribbean waters with the outflow from Everglades National Park's shallow-water nurseries create a prolific food chain — nourishing a rich diversity of marine life. Key Largo's warm and nutrient-rich waters are home to over 600 native fish species, meaning there's always something biting no matter the season. Discover this fishing paradise with a licensed, local AnyCreek guide to make the most of your time outdoors.

Key Largo Fishing Charters

Key Largo's ideal location — positioned close to the Everglades, Florida Bay, and the Atlantic — means you’ll find an abundance of fish species and a variety of unique, exciting styles available to employ in catching them. Your guide knows which styles work best for each fish, and will show you the most exciting experiences available in Key Largo. Whether you prefer to explore a maze of mangrove-lined channels and grassy flats chasing the Silver King or work the reefs and wrecks of the Gulf Stream for explosive sharks, Key Largo has the experience you’re looking for, and AnyCreek has the guides to make that experience a reality

Key Largo Inshore Fishing

Key Largo's inshore fishing opportunities are nothing short of spectacular. The mangrove shorelines, grass flats, and channels in and around Key Largo provide ideal habitats for various gamefish. Inshore fishing Key Largo with your guide, you will target tarponredfishsnook, spotted sea trout, and bonefish. The thrill of these species comes in part due to the exciting styles that serve best in catching them — flats fishing, fly fishing, and, during fall to winter months when the water’s crystal clear, sight fishing. Your expert guide will navigate Key Largo’s shallow waters, guiding you to the best local fishing spots available.

Key Largo Inshore Fishing Expertise

You'll use medium to heavy action spinning rods for inshore fishing Key Largo. Depending on your preference you can bring your own gear, or use your guide’s state-of-the-art equipment. Fly anglers can expect to wield 8wt to 10wt fly rods with fast action, paired with reels equipped with robust drag systems, ensuring optimal performance during the pursuit of these species.

When it comes to live bait for inshore fishing in Key Largo, you’ll be working with shrimp, pilchards, pinfish, and finger mullet. These baits mimic the natural prey of the local fish and are typically used freelined, on knocker rigs, or beneath a popping cork, depending on the situation and the desired presentation. Alternatively, artificial lures like soft plastic lures, jerk baits, and glide baits prove effective in enticing strikes by imitating injured or fleeing prey items. For those seeking the thrill of surface strikes, topwater lures and flies are excellent choices when fishing around Key Largo.

Key Largo Offshore Fishing

Key Largo is an ideal location for those interested in offshore fishing as it sits at the eastern edge of the Gulf of Mexico at its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean. The area around the island is home to coral reefs, wrecks, and offers quick access to the Gulf Stream. Get ready to encounter marlin, sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi, and wahoo. For more information on deep-sea fishing in the Florida Keys, check out our latest article.

Fishing Seasons in Key Largo

If you're planning a fishing trip to Key Largo, Florida, knowing the best times to fish for your desired species is crucial to success. Generally May to August offers the most favorable window for fishing conditions near Key Largo. Research the species you intend to target before booking your fishing trip — or simply consult your captain to nail down an optimal timeframe. Below is an overview of fishing seasons around Key Largo:

Spring and Summer in Key Largo

Between May and September, Key Largo offers excellent opportunities for catching sailfish, tarpon, sea trout, mahi mahi, and cobia. During these months, the warmer waters and better weather create fishing conditions best to catch such species.

Fall and Winter in Key Largo 

For those targeting amberjack, grouper, and king mackerel, the period from November through March, traditionally the low season for most species, presents the most promising prospects. With cooler temperatures, these species become more active in the area.

Each fishing season in Key Largo holds its own unique regulations. Florida saltwater recreational fishing seasons in the Gulf of Mexico differ from those of the Atlantic Ocean. Remember to stay updated with fishing regulations and check the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission website for open seasons and regulations specific to your targeted species. 

What To Do Shoreside in Key Largo, Florida

While Key Largo is a paradise for anglers, there's much more to explore beyond its waters. Discover the natural beauty of John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park — the first undersea park in the United States — where you can snorkel, dive, or take glass-bottom boat tours to explore the park’s vibrant aquatic ecosystems. As the “Scuba Diving Capital of the World,” Key Largo offers just as an exciting and beautiful experience underwater as it does on the water. If you want more of the Key’s natural beauty, visit the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center where you can learn about local bird species and the Center’s conservation efforts.

Key Largo also offers a plethora of dining options, from fresh seafood restaurants to charming cafes, ensuring you have a delightful culinary experience during your stay. Indulge in waterfront dining at local gems like Key Largo Fisheries Backyard Café or bask in the stunning ocean views at the Pilot House Restaurant & Marina

Planning Your Key Largo Fishing Trip

When planning your Key Largo fishing expedition, start your journey with AnyCreek. We’ll connect you with Key Largo’s best fishing guides so that you may have on-the-ground guidance throughout your planning process. You can chat with your guide anytime before your trip by using AnyCreek’s Chat Feature, located under your ‘Account Info’ tab on our website. Check the local forecast before you start packing to ensure you’re prepared. Your guide will have all necessary licenses, gear, and tackle, but don’t forget to pack essentials — snacks, sunscreen, hats, polarized sunglasses, sun shirts, a raincoat, and a camera.

Booking for a large group? No problem! Check out this article to get you and your crew on your way.

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