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Fishing in Fort Pierce, Florida

The jewel of Florida's famed Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce attracts anglers from around the globe through its rich fisheries and abundant marine life. With its pristine waters and diverse ecosystems, Fort Pierce offers an unparalleled fishing experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels. From inshore excursions in the Indian River Lagoon to offshore adventures in the offshore Gulf Stream, Fort Pierce promises an unforgettable angling adventure. Experience the most this region has to offer by booking with one of AnyCreek’s local guides

Fort Pierce Fishing Charters

An inshore paradise with access to larger pelagic sport fish offshore, Fort Pierce presents no shortage of exciting fishing experiences. Step aboard and explore the winding mangrove-lined channels of the Indian River Lagoon, where world-record sea troutsnookredfish, and tarpon lurk beneath the surface. Venture offshore into the deep blue of the Gulf Stream, where the thrill of hooking into powerful sailfishwahoo, and mahi-mahi awaits. Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking new challenges or a novice eager to cast your first line, AnyCreek’s Fort Pierce guides offer tailored excursions to suit your preferences and aspirations.

Inshore Fishing Fort Pierce, Florida

Embark on a journey through the winding mangroves and seagrass flats of the Indian River Lagoon. Speckled sea trouttarponsnookredfishsheepshead, and black drum thrive in these fertile waters, providing anglers with ample opportunities for light tackle fishing. The Indian River Lagoon holds the record for the largest sea trout ever caught — 17.7 pounds — making it the best place for anglers looking for their next big catch. Fort Pierce provides direct access to the Indian River and Fort Pierce Inlet State Park. Your guide will navigate these waters, showing you the beauty of the local landscape and the abundance of its fisheries. 

Inshore Fishing Seasons in Fort Pierce 


Fishing Season

SnookMarch 1 – April 30 and September 1 – December 31
RedfishYear-round, with certain size limits
Speckled Sea TroutYear-round, with certain size limits
TarponApril 1 – July 31
Black DrumYear-round, with certain size limits
SheepsheadYear-round, with certain size limits

Offshore Fishing Fort Pierce, Florida

Venture beyond the inlet into the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, where adrenaline-pumping offshore fishing adventures await. Fort Pierce proudly holds the title of the "Sailfish Capital of the World," offering unparalleled opportunities for targeting these majestic billfish. Not only is Fort Pierce the Sailfish Capital of the World, but it lives up to the Treasure Coast name by having a real sunken treasure ship within its waters — the shipwrecked Urca de Lima. Anglers can pursue mahi mahi, wahoo, king mackerel, blackfin tuna, snapper, grouper, and cobia in the offshore waters. Whether trolling for pelagic species or bottom fishing near reefs and wrecks, your guide will show you the best of what Fort Pierce's offshore fishing scene promises.

Offshore Fishing Seasons in Fort Pierce


Fishing Season

Mahi-MahiYear-round, with peak season in spring
King MackerelYear-round, with peak season in summer
SailfishYear-round, with peak season in winter
WahooYear-round, with peak season in fall
GrouperVarious species and regulations; check with FWC for specific seasons and limits
SnapperVarious species and regulations; check with FWC for specific seasons and limits
AmberjackMay 1 – December 31
Tuna (Blackfin & Yellowfin)Year-round, with peak season varying throughout the year

Fishing Areas around Fort Pierce

Here are some of the most scenic, productive areas that you may fish in around Fort Pierce, Florida. Your guide will always know where the fish are most likely biting, but feel free to message them and they will try to accommodate any of your preferences:

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park

Fort Pierce Inlet State Park offers serene fishing along the coastline. Anglers can enjoy tranquil waters and diverse marine life, with opportunities to catch species like snook and tarpon from shore or by boat. It's a great spot for families to enjoy fishing while surrounded by scenic views. The park also has picnic areas, restrooms, and other amenities for a convenient family outing.

Fort Pierce City Marina and Jetty

At Fort Pierce City Marina and Jetty, anglers will find bustling fishing activity. Whether from the pier or a boat, fishing this vibrant hub provides access to a variety of species. Inshore and near shore species thrive here, and the jetty provides direct offshore access should you be looking to hook some larger species. 

Indian River Lagoon

The Indian River Lagoon is renowned for its mangroves and world-record sea trout. Anglers come here for the chance to catch trophy-class fish in a stunning natural setting. The river itself spans all the way up the coast to Orlando, but there's no more bountiful stretch than the Indian River Lagoon.

What to do Shoreside in Fort Pierce, Florida

While Fort Pierce is renowned for its world-class fishing, the shoreside activities are equally enticing. Embark on an eco-friendly motorized kayak excursion down the Indian River or indulge in a dolphin-watching tour to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Paddleboarding and horseback riding along Frederick Douglass Memorial Park offer a serene escape amidst Fort Pierce's natural beauty. Don't miss out on visiting attractions like the St. Lucie County Aquarium and Middle Cove Beach, ensuring a well-rounded experience during your stay in Fort Pierce.

Planning your Fort Pierce Fishing Trip

When planning your Fort Pierce fishing expedition, start your journey with AnyCreek. We’ll connect you with Fort Pierce’s best fishing guides so that you may have on-the-ground guidance throughout your planning process. You can chat with your guide anytime before your trip by using AnyCreek’s Chat Feature, located under your ‘Account Info’ tab on our website. Check the local forecast before you start packing to ensure you’re prepared. Your guide will have all necessary licenses, gear, and tackle, but don’t forget to pack essentials — snacks, sunscreen, hats, polarized sunglasses, sun shirts, a raincoat, and a camera.

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