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A Beginner’s Guide to Billfish Fishing

To catch a billfish is one of the greatest feats an angler can experience. These muscular, apex predators are constantly seeking warmer waters and are a challenge to target. This guide will give you the basics to understand, target, and fish for one of these beasts properly.

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Understanding Billfish Behavior

What is a Billfish

Billfish are held in high regard among recreational fishermen for a combination of reasons. This type of species, including marlin and sailfish, presents anglers with thrilling challenges characterized by powerful runs, acrobatic leaps, and formidable strength. Beyond their dynamic behavior, the distinctive aesthetics of billfish, with their elongated bills and vibrant colors, make them coveted trophies for anglers seeking visually striking catches. 

The potential for record-setting catches among these species provides anglers with competitive opportunities and a sense of accomplishment within the sportfishing community, solidifying the prized status of billfish in the realm of recreational fishing. Also known as dolphins, this group of fish is a significant challenge to anyone willing to grip the rod and go for them. Marlin, swordfish, sailfish, and spearfish all take the title of billfish.

Billfish Habitats

Billfish roam the vast expanses of the open ocean, favoring warm and temperate waters. They often prefer offshore zones near continental shelves, where prey is abundant, and the underwater topography offers strategic advantages for hunting. The Floridian coast and the Mid-Atlantic region are prized areas for billfish, as the Gulf Stream and Continental Shelf provide an ideal habitat for these massive fish.

Offshore fishing in Tavernier, Florida. Courtesy of Sea Señorita Charters.

Fishing Locations

Key billfish fishing spots are scattered across the globe, offering anglers diverse opportunities. From the Pacific waters off Costa Rica to the Atlantic's offshore canyons, these locations are known for their rich billfish populations. Some of the best billfish targeting can be done off the coast of the United States.


Florida’s coastal waters are teeming with pelagic species. At the nexus of some of the greatest fishing areas in the world – the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico – Florida’s waters are ideal for billfish. Blue, striped, and white marlin all inhabit Florida's waters, as well as swordfish, sailfish, and spearfish.

Proven fishing grounds for marlin and spearfish are DestinPanama City Beach, and Pensacola in Northwest Florida with easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida Keys are also stellar fishing grounds for these beasts – with Key LargoMarathonKey West, and Islamorada being prime launch points. Woods Wall, 20 miles south of Key West, is a known hangout for billfish. 

Sailfish are often found off the coast of Miami, Jupiter, West Palm Beach, and as far north as St. Augustine are known spots for sailfish fishing. These fish are aggressive and arguably the fastest fish in the world, so be ready for a fight.

North Carolina

Blue marlin, white marlin, and sailfish are known to be caught off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The fish here are challenging, and known to be a challenge to manage when hooked. This region holds several large billfish fishing tournaments known to reel in world-record marlin. North Carolina is notably farther away from the Gulf Stream than Florida, so there is a good distance to reach it offshore.


The coastline of Mid-Atlantic states sees colossal billfish due to their proximity to the Continental Shelf. This area is nutrient-rich and inhabits larger game fish like blue and white marlin. Ocean City, Maryland is known as the “white marlin capital of the world”, and holds the infamous White Marlin Open, known to produce world-record catches.

How to Fish for Billfish

Billfish fishing is an art form. To successfully fish for billfish, anglers must adopt specialized techniques. Trolling with artificial lures or natural bait, as well as live bait fishing, are popular methods, though understanding billfish feeding patterns and utilizing strategic bait presentations will enhance your chances of a thrilling catch.

Baiting billfish is unique. Unlike conventional casting and reeling techniques performed when fishing for tarponbonefish, or bass, trolling is a useful method to catch these giants. This involves dragging a multitude of bait rigs behind your boat and letting them trail behind you. Our guides will demonstrate how this is done properly. 

Billfish are attracted to both dead and alive bait, though there are some successful variations that work best.

Artificial Lures

Lures are built for the speed of trolling and can successfully imitate known natural prey for billfish. When your guide trolls their boat at a higher speed, these lures will more naturally imitate prey for these apex predators. This is by far the most durable option for baiting billfish.

Live Bait

Billfish are reactive to baitfish, especially if they are wounded. A key to success involves keeping the baitfish alive as long as possible so the vibrations of panicking bait last as long as possible, luring in billfish to hook your line. Most of our guides will use squid, mullet, and smaller tuna to catch a billfish —depending on the conditions and location. Some anglers will also prop the dead baitfish and rig them to move naturally in the water.

Billfish fishing at its finest in Key West, Florida. Coutesy of Far Out Fishing Charters.

Billfish Fishing Seasons

Billfish fishing seasons vary by region. Understanding the migratory patterns and preferred breeding grounds during specific times of the year is crucial. This knowledge allows anglers to align their trips with peak billfish activity. May-October is prime fishing season for marlin, but after July is ideal for billfish fishing in South Florida as marlin congregate south of the Florida Keys. October is rated the most productive month for fishing in Northwest Florida, with larger billfish lingerie near shore. July-September is a productive time of year for billfish in the Mid-Atlantic, with peak season being in early August.

Billfish Fishing Equipment and Gear

Equipping yourself with the right gear is paramount. Heavy-duty rods, reels with strong drag systems, and appropriate lines ensure you're ready for the fierce fights billfish are known for. A well-prepared angler increases the likelihood of a successful catch and release.

Rods and Reels

A smooth lever drag reel on a sturdy rod will give you the most success when fishing for billfish. An 80-130 class reel with 80-130-pound monofilament line is a viable option when fishing for marlin and other billfish as well. For smaller billfish, a 12-14-weight rod will be a good tool to secure your catch. However, for larger targets, a 14-18-weight rod will get the job done. Be sure to ask your seasoned guide about what they recommend using.

Billfish Fishing Regulations

Responsible angling includes adherence to billfish fishing regulations as well. Fishing for billfish off of U.S. Atlantic waters includes a maximum limit to how many billfish like marlin can be landed in a year. The maximum number of blue marlin, white marlin, and spearfish is 250 per year. Stay informed about size limits, catch-and-release policies, and any protected species in your chosen fishing destination as they vary by state. Your guide will provide you with the proper license on your adventure and be well informed on the local regulations.

A day of billfish fishing in Islamorada, Florida. Courtesy of Dauntless Fishing Charters.

Booking a Billfish Fishing Trip

Embark on your billfish fishing adventure armed with this comprehensive guide. Understanding the nuances of billfish behavior, choosing the right equipment, and respecting conservation measures will not only enhance your angling prowess but also contribute to your experience. 

The best way to learn is with a guided professional. AnyCreek guides are seasoned professionals with years of experience fishing in billfish habitats. Book a guided trip with an AnyCreek guide to learn more about billfish fishing with those who know the waters best. 

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