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Hottest Fishing and Hunting Trips for Spring 2024

As the snow of winter melts, anticipation builds for the exhilarating outdoor experiences that accompany springtime throughout the United States’ freshwater and saltwater fisheries. Rivers fill with snowmelt, baitfish make their seasonal migration along the coast, insect hatches entice more bites, and new life begins its annual cycle. The swell of biodiversity this season means more trophy fish to catch and more exciting opportunities to hunt. With so many excellent ways to capitalize on what this season has to offer, AnyCreek is here to give you a head start with this list of the hottest fishing and hunting trips for the spring season.

Fly fishing for shad on the lush Tar River. Courtesy of Tar River Co.

Fly fishing for shad on the lush Tar River. Courtesy of Tar River Co.

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Osceola turkey hunts with Florida Outdoor Experience

Florida, USA
Book with Florida Outdoor Experience

Spring FOE.jpeg
Two Osceola toms fresh off the roost. Courtesy of Florida Outdoor Experience.

Spring ushers in turkey season in 49 different states. The lush landscape of South Florida teems with these majestic, challenging birds, and Florida Outdoor Experience specializes in hunting the Osceola subspecies of wild turkey. With generations of experience in the field, they offer trips spanning the peak of turkey season from March 18 to April 23. Link up with Gray Drummond and his team, who put the work in scouting and tracking turkeys all year to put you in the right place at the right time to bag your trophy gobbler. And the right place couldn’t be more beautiful. Planted pine plantations, prairies, oak hammocks, palmetto flats, and pastures are where you’ll find yourself alongside your veteran hunting guide. While there are no guarantees in hunting, there’s no better chance of success than with a Florida Outdoor Experience guide by your side. 

Through years of devotion to sustainable land management, Florida Outdoor Experience has cultivated a masterful turkey management plan, ensuring thriving, healthy turkey populations across all of the farms they manage — and that you’ll be hunting on. A half hour before sunset all the way through til sunrise is your window for turkey where you can expect a morning hunt, a break for lunch, and an afternoon hunt each day. For lodging, you’ll find yourself at The Farmhouse at Rocky Hammock Preserve — surrounded by Old Florida beauty, hospitality, and an abundance of delicious home-cooked meals

For the best turkey hunting Florida has to offer, book now to reserve one of a limited number of hunts they still have available this spring.

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Spring shad and striped bass with Tar River Co.’s Capt. Will Paul

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Book with Tar River Co. 

Come spring, North Carolina’s Tar River and Roanoke River see some of the most prolific spawning migrations in the country. Shad and striped bass flood these rivers as they migrate from the coast deeper into the 300 miles of warm, fertile waters that you’ll be operating on. Alongside Capt. Will Paul — founder of Tar River Co. — you’ll explore one of the greatest natural spawning events in the country — making the most of your time both on and off the water. This is some of the best seasonal fly and light tackle fishing out there, and you’ll be spending it alongside an Orvis-endorsed expert. 

See firsthand what a 100-fish day is like floating down North Carolina’s idyllic rivers. Spend the remainder of the day getting a masterclass on selecting proper fly lines, angles of approach, seasonal fish movement, fly-tying tips, and more. This event comes once a year, so book with Capt. Will Paul today to secure your spot this shad and striped bass season.

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Redfish on the floodtide in North and South Carolina

North and South Carolina, USA
Book your trip in North or South Carolina

Spring Tim Disano.jpeg
Spring redfish seasons begins with a bang. Courtesy of Tideline Charters.

Spring's seasonal brilliance gleams through its full, bright lunar phases. As the tides rise in response, they bring with them an abundance of baitfish, enticing schools of hungry gamefish willing to bite a well presented bait or fly. However, one fish stands supreme in floodtide fishing, and in North and South Carolinaredfish is king. Catching redfish on a floodtide  is some of the most visually and physically engaging fishing you’ll ever encounter with this species. They’ll flash their signature black dot — tailing between patches of spartina grass — only to disappear back into the creeks as the tide drops out. Knowing these red drum are lurking right beneath your skiff — almost taunting with their flashy displays — entices an angler all the more to catch one of these beautiful game fish. With the right guide, this game of hide and seek becomes a coordinated team dance of catch, release, and repeat. 

Our knowledgeable guides will navigate the tidal currents, flats, and marshes, putting you in prime position to hook your next trophy-sized redfish. Whether you're a fly fishing enthusiast or prefer conventional tackle, our guides will ensure an unforgettable fishing experience. In South Carolina — specifically in Hilton Head and Isle of Palms — Backcountry Hilton Head and Fly Fish Charleston offer excellent flood tide redfish trips. Plus, you can't go wrong with any of our top-tier inshore guides running fishing trips out of the Charleston area.

For North Carolina's Ocean Isle and greater Wilmington areas, Capt. Tim Disano of Tideline Charters, Capt. Cameron Pappas of BlackBird Guide Services, and Capt. Ethan Bilderback of Steller Angler Guide Service can show you the best of the region's inshore sight fishing opportunities. 

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Florida Keys and Gulf Coast tarpon season fishing trips

Homosassa, USA
Book with Florida Outdoor Experience 

Tarpon is the king of spring in the Florida Keys. As they migrate into the Gulf Coast and up the Atlantic Coast, tarpon bring the Florida Keys to life. Their numbers swell in the late spring, presenting some of the best tarpon fishing you’ll find all year. Sight-cast to schools of trophy tarpon from any number of the Florida Keys’ beautiful fishing grounds — TavernierKey WestMarathonIslamoradaKey Largo, and Biscayne Bay

For the adventure seeker looking to start this spring season off on an exciting foot, there’s no better opportunity than going to the Florida Keys and seeing what the Gulf Coast has in store for you. Spring in Florida is sacred — spring-breakers know exactly why. Discover the beauty and excitement of Florida removed from all the commotion. Spend the day on pristine flats casting for the chance at your next greatest catch. Discover the thrill of the Silver King with Florida Outdoor Experience today! 

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Post-runoff Colorado rivers fishing trips

Carbondale and Aspen, Colorado
Book with Southern Roots Outfitters and Wild Willow Outfitters

Secure your spot now for an epic post-runoff fishing experience in the Colorado wilderness. As the snow melts and rivers swell with runoff, fishing opportunities abound; it's just a matter of knowing where to find them. From high mountain streams to tranquil lakes, Colorado offers a diverse range of fishing experiences. Southern Roots Outfitters and Wild Willow Outfitters are not only masters of Colorado’s waterways — specifically the Colorado, Eagle, and Roaring Fork Rivers — but of tailoring the trip to your preferences and skill level. Whether you're interested in conventional or fly fishing, a day on these waters is sure to be an adventure to remember.

Floating down the trout-rich waters of these Colorado rivers, you’re in for some of the most memorable fishing with some of the greatest natural beauty as a backdrop. Hook into your next trophy trout with the incredible offerings of Wild Willow Outfitters and Alec Lucas of Southern Roots Outfitters today! To hear more about Alec Lucas and understand what you can expect from your time on the water, check out this interview.

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Early season Appalachian trout and smallmouth bass fishing trips

Appalachian Mountains, USA
Book your trip in the Appalachian Mountains

Spring Pat Hayes Fly Fishing.jpeg
Raft ready to make the most of spring trout season. Courtesy of Pat Hayes Fly Fishing.

The beauty of the Appalachians runs wild in the spring. Tucked away in its mountains are thousands of streams and rivers whose clear waters swell with the spring run-off. After trout spawns in the fall, these rivers come to life in the spring with endless opportunities to hook into one of these exciting species. Whether brown, rainbow, or brook trout are calling to you this spring, you won’t find a more fertile or beautiful fishing ground than the Appalachians.   

Kick off your spring trout fishing season early in the pristine waters of the Appalachian Mountains. With their cool, clear streams and abundant insect life, the Appalachians provide the perfect habitat for trout to thrive. Unlike out west, where spring runoff can muddy the waters and disrupt fishing, the Appalachian streams remain clear and fishable throughout the spring season. Our knowledgeable guides will lead you to the best fishing spots and help you hone your fly fishing skills amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Appalachians.

Book today with veteran guides like Wesley Hodges Fly FishingMatthew Thomas Fly FishingPat Hayes Fly Fishing, and Chattanooga on the Fly to secure a spot for this extraordinary seasonal experience.

Everglades fishing trip with 239 Flies

Bonita Springs, Florida
Book with 239 Flies 

The already abundant fisheries of the Everglades see their liveliest season with the spawns and migrations of spring. Tarpon return en masse to the shallow inshore waterways and flats, baitfish populations soar, and all manner of gamefish grow in size and hunger. 

For nearly thirty years, Nick Davis and the team at 239 Flies has been mastering the waterways of the Everglades, and serves as the most capable outfitter to provide you with a successful and unforgettable spring fishing trip. With an incredible roster of guides, 239 Flies will make the most of your time in the Everglades by pairing you with the perfect guide for what you’re seeking to accomplish. Whether it's trophy tarpon, snook, or redfish you’re after, you’ll find yourself being poled across the beautiful waters of the Everglades in the skiff of your guide. They’ll provide you with everything you need to see why the Everglades are a world-renowned fishery in spring.

Based in Bonita Springs, 239 Flies positions itself perfectly within the most fertile waterways of the southernmost part of Florida. Not only does their location provide access to the Everglades, but also to NaplesFort Myers, and Cape CoralDiscover spring in the Everglades today by booking with 239 Flies.  

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Book your next spring adventure

As spring turns the corner, these revered spots begin to fill up. These highly sought-after experiences come only once a year, so book early to save your spot. With so many ways to book, trust AnyCreek to make the most of your spring season. Save time online and spend it outside instead. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re more than excited to do all we can to help get your next unforgettable adventure underway. Happy hunting, fishing, and here’s to another successful spring season!

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