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Our Top 10 Father-Son Fishing Trips

In this digital day and age, quality time — more often than not — becomes an afterthought. We all want more time together, but the technology that was supposed to free up our time ends up consuming it. That’s where we come in. At AnyCreek, we not only want to maximize your time on the water, but we want you to make memories. We’ve compiled our best fishing trips with top guides to get you that father-son time you deserve.

Courtesy of Tall Tides Charters.

Courtesy of Tall Tides Charters.

This article covers:

  • Alaska
  • Florida Keys
  • Everglades
  • California
  • South Carolina’s Lowcountry
  • Float Trips on Scenic Rivers
  • Deep Sea Outings Offshore
  • Intro to Fly Fishing Trips
  • Overnight Adventures
  • Explore the Northeast
  • Father-Son Fishing Trips FAQ


You’ll drift down the Kenai or Kasilof River of Southcentral Alaska. When the trees break, mountains will reveal their snowy caps and the towering majesty of the Alaskan wilderness. Rich blue waters swell down to the sides of the forest where the snow melt divests itself entirely to the growing river’s flow. Here you’ll float, in the hands, care, and wisdom of a born-and-raised Alaskan. Bountiful streams of salmon spawning — sockeye and king — decorate the crown of these rivers as jewels with their bright red bodies. Rainbow, cutthroat, and Dolly Varden trout hide in deep alcoves, where your guide will know just where to find them. Your time will be spent joyfully mastering light tackle, drift, and fly fishing under the learned hand of your veteran guide. For your next father-son adventure, explore Alaska together.

Unravel this world-renowned fishing tapestry with local guides like Rondo Ebler and Outgoing Angling. Like Alaska’s slogan says, “North to the future,” for memories shared in the simplicity of drifting down a river. 

Father Son Alaska.jpeg
Beautiful trout in guide's hands amidst the Alaskan backdrop. Courtesy of Ron Doebler Fly Fishing Adventures.

Florida Keys

In the tropical beauty of the Florida Keys, you’ll be poled across clear blue waters to vibrant flats. Redfish tailing, tarpon rolling, permit schooling, and the far-away, endless break of blue sky command a natural awe and anticipation of catches yet to come. Dense networks of mangroves and grassy flats give life to some of the most engaging inshore fishing this country has to offer. Enjoy the play of light tackle and sight fishing under the guidance of this region’s experts. Explore the deep-blue offering of the Florida Keys’ excellent offshore fishing — fed and kept in abundance by the Gulf Stream. Out at sea, you’ll be able to target an even greater variety of gamefish including cobia, mahi mahi, wahoo, king mackerel, blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, amberjack, and snapper. 

The Florida Keys provide the perfect canvas for exploring various fishing disciplines as father and son. From the thrill of tarpon in Key West to the challenge of redfish in Marathon, our guides make each trip an educational and entertaining experience. Learn more about fishing in pristine locations like IslamoradaTavernierBiscayne Bay, and Key Largo to get a better sense of what your guided trip will be like.


The Everglades, with its lush biodiversity, sets the stage for a one-of-a-kind father-son fishing journey. Rich with neighboring fishing communities like NaplesCape Coral, and Fort Myers, you’ll never be far from an adventure here. Our experienced guides will help you to explore the hidden gems of this ecosystem. From mangrove-lined shores to the vast open waters, these experiences are crafted for quality bonding amid nature's wonders.

The Everglades offers an array of species to target. From the aggressive snook in the mangroves to the powerful tarpon patrolling the open waters, the Everglades become a playground for anglers seeking varied challenges. Your guide will not only assist in navigating this ecosystem but also share their knowledge on the unique behaviors of each fish. Picture the joy of landing a trophy snook against the luscious greenery of the Everglades or the thrill of a tarpon leaping out of the water. Amidst this natural wonder, every cast becomes a potential encounter with a new species, creating memories that go beyond the ordinary.



Whether it's the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe with Trout Creek Outfitters or the dynamic coastal experience near Dana Point with The Salty Mae Fly, California offers exciting fishing adventures. California's scenic landscapes are the perfect background to create lasting memories between father and son. 

California's diverse fishing adventures are complemented by an impressive variety of fish species. In the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe, trout species such as rainbow and brown trout abound, providing the perfect introduction to dynamic freshwater fishing. Meanwhile, the coastal experience near Dana Point offers encounters with a myriad of saltwater species — from striped bass to halibut. Your guide will ensure a successful day out on the water — applying their years of experience, wisdom, and collected information to make your day memorable . Whether casting in mountain lakes or along coastal shores, California's waters become the backdrop for creating lasting memories and a deeper connection between father and son.

South Carolina’s Lowcountry

The charm of the Lowcountry is unparalleled, and fishing in BeaufortCharleston, and Hilton Head is an experience like no other. There’s bountiful fishing on the coast, in the rivers, and off-shore — creating a variety of experiences to explore and memories to make. Our local guides ensure fantastic fishing as they highlight the best of what the Lowcountry has to offer. 

Boasting some of the biggest bull red drum, the Lowcountry is trophy terrain. Master anglers push the bounds of these fisheries, discovering new methods to catch gamefish favorites. Fly fishing, sight casting, and light tackle encompass a few of the inshore fishing opportunities that keep this charming region fresh and exciting. As father and son, you’ll engage in quality fishing, focusing on what really matters. To see the best of this region, let guides like Capt. Tim Disano of Tideline Charters or Capt. Peter L-J of Lowcountry Premier Fly Fishing immerse you in the excellent fishing of the Lowcountry. 

Float Trips on Scenic Rivers

With countless iconic rivers across the country, we’ve curated a few of our favorites for the perfect father-son float trip. Roaring Fork River and Jackson River are some of this country’s best-kept secrets. They provide the ideal environment for just such an outing with premier fishing and breathtaking forests to float alongside. Our guides will provide expert insight into the local fishing, turning a simple fishing trip into a serene journey.

Father Son float.jpeg
Guide floating down the Jackson River. Courtesy of Guide Wesley Hodges.

Join our guides in targeting a range of gamefish — ranging from native cutthroat trout to smallmouth bass. Drift along the Roaring Fork River, surrounded by the majestic beauty of Colorado's landscapes. Your guides will expertly navigate the river’s currents, providing insight and a deeper appreciation of the local environment. Out of Virginia, the Jackson River provides abundant opportunities to indulge in the joys of light tackle and fly. Float along at the river’s pace, enjoying the memories simple fishing with the right people creates. 

Deep Sea Outings Offshore

Against the magnitude of the open ocean, you’ll target some of the largest fish able to be caught with rod and reel. Sharks, tuna, barracuda, and billfish — including the legendary black marlin — hide beneath the surface, waiting to be caught. Let the masterful techniques of veteran guides steer you towards the most successful father-son outing possible. 

There’s endless offshore fishing opportunities, but those off the east coast provide access to waters fed by the Gulf Stream. Baitfish school around the reefs and wrecks, creating an ideal environment to target larger predatory fish. From South Carolina’s Lowcountry down to the Florida Keys, warmer conditions produce greater opportunities to catch these deep sea species. The challenge of reeling in a thousand pound fish fuels the stories that will still be told in years to come. Share the memories that make those stories as father and son conquering the sea alongside an expert guide.

Intro to Fly Fishing Trips

There’s no better way to work on your cast than with a father-son outing, under the expertise of an experienced guide. With the aid of experts, this experience not only imparts valuable techniques but also strengthens the bond between generations. Explore our tips to improve your fly cast to make the most of this unique adventure before hitting the water. 

Father SOn Fly.jpeg
Fly rod and reel in the hands of an angler. Courtesy of Tall Tides Charters.

Limitless locations with local guides are made easily accessible with AnyCreek. No experience is needed, as you’ll be taken through the steps by a veteran guide who’s introduced countless anglers to fly fishing. You won’t need any gear, as your guide will have everything you need. All you need to bring is a willingness to learn, and your guide will take care of the rest. Choose your ideal background from a range of locations across the country to spend quality time as father and son engaged in the learning of a new pursuit. 

Overnight Adventures

Extend your fishing adventure with overnight trips guided by Covert Creek Outfitting and Wesley Hodges Fly Fishing. Go beyond fishing, as you fully immerse yourself in nature — both day and night. With the entire journey planned and guided for your enjoyment, these trips offer an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience.

Father Son Trout.jpeg
Beautiful netted trout. Courtesy of Wesley Hodges Fly Fishing.

Whether you spend a night in the Catskills with Covert Creek Outfitting or explore the rivers of Virginia with Wesley Hodges Fly Fishing, you’ll be guided through some of the best fishing available in these regions. Your day will be spent fly fishing amidst beautiful landscapes until night comes and brings you together to share a meal after the full day, tired from all the engaging fishing. Leave restored from the blend of relaxation and fishing that’s brought fathers and sons closer together for years. 

Explore the Northeast

Uncover hidden gems in the Northeastern United States. Our suggested experiences in these regions promise not just excellent fishing, but a chance to explore the unique landscapes and cultures. Rivers abound across the northeastern forests, making for a variety of locations which offer peak freshwater fishing. Target bass, trout, and other freshwater gamefish as your guide directs you to the best spots the Northeast has to offer. 

If you're still hungry for more adventures, delve into our guide on the 9 Hottest Fishing and Hunting Trips for Fall 2023 or visit our website for an extensive list of offerings.

Father-Son Fishing Trips FAQ

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